Environmental Awareness

Although the use of various utilities, chemicals, and other products is necessary for our business operation, we at Royal Laundry recognize the need to manage our impact on the environment.  We are committed to be environmentally responsible, while still providing world-class linen laundering service and producing the highest quality product possible.

We have taken several steps in minimizing our impact on the environment through Energy Efficiency Programs, Recycling Programs, and through the substitution of pollutants to more “environmentally friendly” chemicals. We have been in compliance with all Federal, State and local environmental monitoring agencies throughout our operating years.

We have realized year-over-year energy efficiency improvements by reducing the amounts of natural gas, electricity and water required to launder our customers’ linen.

We have participated in PG&E’s Standard Performance Contract (SPC) program and have received numerous incentive rebates for our efforts. Additionally, PG&E has published a case study detailing several of our energy efficiency achievements.

Royal Laundry accepts responsibility to preserve our environment and benefit our community. We will continue to strive to discover ways to be environmentally friendly in our business operations.