Lighting System

Lighting System:

Outdated lighting systems can be a source of significant energy waste in facilities of our size. With the help of NU-Tek Lighting Solutions we saw the need to review and replace our existing outdated lighting system with a modern energy-efficient system.

This enabled us to save an average of approximately 159,948KW/H, equivalent to $23,992/year resulting in a reduction of fossil fuel usage and a reduction of emissions to the environment.  We also improved the quality of full spectrum lighting in key quality control areas of our facility making it easier to identify defects in customer goods thus helping raise the overall quality of our finished product.

How we did it:

Replaced existing 250/400 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures with T5 High Output 4Lamp Fixtures w/Energy Efficient Ballast (some with occupancy sensors).

Replaced existing T12 Fixtures with T8 Lamps with Electronic Ballasts and high quality reflective panels.

The following areas were retrofitted:   Flatwork Ironers, Sorting Department, Dryfold Department, Drycleaning and Pressing areas, Restrooms, Storage Areas, Maintenance Shop and Delivery Area, Cafeteria, Upstairs Offices and Boiler Room.

Replacing our lighting system has made a significant difference in our operations in the facility as well as minimizing our impact on the environment.

Estimated Annual Emissions Reduced:

Carbon Dioxide – 38,388 pounds

Nitrogen Oxide – 148 pounds

Sulfur Dioxide – 280 pounds