Continuous Batch Washers

Continuous Batch Washers

We employ Continuous Batch Washers (CBW) to launder and dry the bulk of our customers’ linen because of the energy, water and chemical savings offered by this type of equipment.

CBW systems use different cylinders or modules for each stage of the wash process and automatically moves the goods from one stage to the next. These systems use approximately 60% less water per pound of linen laundered than conventional washers enabling us to launder linen using less than one gallon of water per pound.  Using less water also reduces the energy required to heat it and, consequently, the amount of chemistry needed to effectively launder the linen.

Furthermore, the extraction presses used in tandem with our CBW systems remove high quantities of water from processed goods allowing our dryers and flatwork ironers to use less energy to dry and iron the linen.

Advanced drum designs in our dryers circulate heat more efficiently than older less advanced units, and onboard residual moisture sensors save energy by preventing over-drying of the linens.

Our Batch Washers operate at a cost savings over conventional washer-extractors by conserving water, natural gas used to heat water and steam, electricity and chemical usage.

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